Behind The Scenes At Our Earth Day Shoot With George The Poet

  • 3 years ago
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We teamed up with our friends at Ecologi to help create a powerful campaign for Earth Day and help plant three million trees. 

Ecologi, an inspirational climate action platform (and fellow Bristolians) wanted to create a campaign that raised awareness around collective action and highlighted the role of natural solutions in solving our climate crisis. So, they came to us with the challenge and we jumped at the chance.

As soon as we heard the brief, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to create, and who we wanted to front the campaign. We could think of no one better to create a bespoke spoken-word piece than Enviral favourite, George The Poet. 

George The Poet was our first choice for this campaign. Putting aside his ability to produce and deliver incredible spoken word pieces, and the huge body of work that he can put his name to, he is a true champion of sustainability. As storytellers, we understand the importance of conveying a genuine, engaging narrative. We knew George would be able to create something amazing, which oozed purpose and which reflected the passion of the Ecologi team. 

Having a lead who truly cares about the planet was vital. We wanted to inspire viewers to take action, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to get this across. He caught up with the Ecologi team to discuss the role of reforestation in fighting climate breakdown, let this all ‘marinade’ and then created a bespoke piece that reflected the themes of mobilisation, motivation and collective action. 

With limited time, finding a suitable location was a bit of a challenge. We knew that the audio was the lead in this film so we had to find a location away from roads and airports so we could ensure crisp sound. Whilst we can’t reveal exactly where the film was shot, the countryside between London and Bristol proved to be perfect!

In the end, George did 12 takes over the course of just 2 hours and we had 11 crew on set in total. As we filmed this during COVID, the shoot required strict policies and planning to ensure that it complied with Government guidelines and ensured a safe and successful shoot. 

This really was an amazing campaign to work on. It’s projects like this, that are packed with genuine purpose and positive action which keep us continually inspired. 

Sign up or find out more about Ecologi here. 


Written by
Joss Ford