Caring In Bristol’s #NoOutsiders Calls On Urgent Action To Tackle Homelessness Within Our City

  • 4 years ago
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Unemployment. Furlough. Financial crash. These are all words we’ve got used to over the last few months, but their true cost is still yet to be seen. That’s why our friends at Caring In Bristol have launched the #NoOutsiders campaign, to ensure that no one is left without a safe place to stay because of COVID-19.

The expected economic downturn due to COVID-19 is set to have a drastic effect on Bristol’s homelessness crisis, increasing the number of people that are in serious need of help. It’s predicted that 23,000 renters are at risk of ‘Covid-eviction’ (Shelter), and already around 17% of renters have fallen into arrears since the start of the pandemic (Generation rent). So with job losses, the furlough scheme ending and a financial crash predicted, Caring In Bristol has just launched its #NoOutsiders campaign to demand Government action to help. 

We’re proud to have been involved with this hugely impactful campaign, which is bringing attention to the homelessness crisis and calling for more to be done to help those in need. During the pandemic, rough sleepers in Bristol were given temporary accommodation in hotels across the city, but once this funding ends, they will be forced back onto the street. That’s why we hit the streets of Bristol with Caring In Bristol to discuss the issue of homelessness within our city and explore how the expected economic crisis and rise in unemployment will impact those in need.

As part of the campaign, Caring In Bristol is calling for urgent action on these three demands:

  1. Nobody returns or is new to the street. Everybody who entered emergency COVID-19 accommodation must have somewhere suitable to live when they leave.
  2. Everybody receives the support they need to keep their accommodation in the economic crisis.
  3. That we now centre the needs of those experiencing homelessness in bristol when creating future services. No return to business as usual!

Find out more in the campaign video below – we’re super proud to have put this one together…