Has Greta Just Led The Most Momentous Day In Bristol’s Recent History?

  • 4 years ago
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Gretamania is here… hold on to your plaits! 

We’re a proud Bristolian agency. From Banksy to Massive Attack, Bristol is a city which truly reflects what we’re about – sustainability and creativity.

Today we’ve never been prouder to be Bristolian. Today, our beautiful city welcomed a true Enviral hero – Greta. 

Having inspired and mobilised an entire generation to act on the climate crisis, Greta today stood shoulder to shoulder with Bristol Youth Strike for Climate in protesting for the future of our planet. 

Bristol is no stranger to pioneering steps in sustainability – from its European Green Capital award and its climate emergency declaration, Bristol is a city with sustainability running through its core.

That’s why the city erupted at the news of Greta’s visit, and that’s why we’ve been like children in a sweetshop all week. 

This is a huge day for sustainability, and it’s a huge day for Bristol.

What wasn’t so cool was the eco-shaming and the abuse that we saw directed towards Greta – the hatred, the scorning and the shaming she received not only broke our hearts, but it reminded us that this battle is by no means won. 

There will always be haters, baiters and online troublemakers, but the comments we read were alarming. From climate change deniers to the eco-shamers, we witnessed so much hatred towards Greta and the thousands of people who stood up for our planet.  Don’t even get us started on the publications who took the time to scaremonger by warning parents the event was set to be unsafe.

BUT, we were also blown away by the support we saw. With 30,000 people flooding to College Green (in the pouring rain!) to strike alongside Greta, the influx of love we saw in Bristol today was nothing short of amazing. 

Let’s take a look at Bristol in action…

What we learnt, was that ‘Gretamania’ is real. We saw first-hand that no one is too small to make a difference, and we also saw how powerful we can be when we come together. It’s true that no one can save the world alone, but we certainly can together. 

Today was a huge day for Bristol and a huge day for climate action. Thanks to Greta for not only mobilising an entire movement, but for leading the most momentous day in Bristol’s sustainability history. Rad. 

How Bristol carries this momentum forward, we don’t know, but what we do know is that Bristol’s role in fighting for the future of our planet continues… 

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