Introducing: Music with Enviral, your weekly inspiration!

  • 5 years ago
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We’re launching weekly music playlists!

Check out our INSPIRE section of our website, or directly on Spotify to get some ear candy or read what we’re up to below.

Music is at the heart of pretty much everything we do at Enviral.

Whether it’s fuelling some mega outdoor brainstorming sessions or through tying together a latest client brand video.

We’re also super interested in people’s music tastes. In fact, it’s always the first interview question I have when interviewing people for jobs and internships (if you’re reading this blog new recruits, get prepared for my epic ice breaker question!) 

Because of that, weekly we’re going to be getting people to create playlists through our Enviral Spotify channel. Our network, friends, musicians etc … all music that they are listening to at that moment with a little blurb on why they’ve chosen that music.


So… to kick things off, I wrote this last week:

Music with Enviral #1

I created this playlist on a bus.

Initially, I was in pretty deep contemplation mode, staring out a window feeling pretty heavy about various things going on – like the Amazon forest fires and some client problems that we are currently solving.

I had also just got back from filming Ash Radford Music, an awesome musician we’ve been helping breakthrough, whilst aligning his journey in the most sustainable way possible. He was recording with musicians who have been part of both of our favourite tracks and albums, so no doubt that has inspired this bunch of songs!

This playlist starts with ‘Excuse Me Mr by Ben Harper’. A deeply moving song about the degradation of our planet and how some people put themselves first, even when they understand the general consequences of their actions. It’s then followed by the exact same track, ‘Excuse me Mister’ played by my favourite musician; John Martyn. Listen to the lyrics, sit back, and let the thoughts fly.

After this, the playlist hosts a selection of music that will make you want to sit in your ‘comfy thought gazing chair’ at home or in your favourite cafe and ponder life. Halfway through, things get a little more wavey and lively and here you can listen to some classics from the originators!

Enjoy, and definitely do daydream ?

 Spotify link through our website:

Spotify link:

Written by
Joss Ford