It’s Time To Communicate Our Future

  • 4 years ago
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For many, the last month has been the strangest in our lifetimes.

However amongst the turbulence, most of us have been given the opportunity to slow down, get creative and re-think what we want from our future ?

For good and bad – the world is in transformation. A recent study showed only 9% of people wanted life to ‘return to usual’ when the lockdown is eased. The truth is, things have changed, and people like never before are prepared for a different future. 

As an agency, we’ve also evolved. Not just since lockdown but really over the past half a year. We’ve noticed a clear development in who we are and the importance of our specific expertise, and these recent events have allowed us to pause, reflect and package up our next step.

Marketing has previously been dominated by agencies who have pushed us to sift through the noise in order to buy more and buy now. With us all re-assessing business as usual, it’s time for us to focus on the ‘industrial re-revolution’ which has been developing over the past decade. Businesses with a purpose, who make decisions led by sustainability are the only future. 

Sustainability can be complex though. So can marketing. That’s why from now on we’ve got two sections of our agency. Evolve and Engage. Simply put, we’re here to evolve organisations purpose through sustainability consultancy and engage customers, fans and employees with that purpose through marketing.

The line in our new branding signifies a journey in sustainability that we’re all embarking on. Not just for ourselves and our clients, but for our planet. 

Right now we’re at an incredible part of that journey. 

Recently most of us have learnt to re-appreciate what we have. We’re being resourceful, shopping local, we’re buying reusables and we’re placing greater importance on the food which we buy. We’re also establishing what really matters in life. The outdoors, creativity, networks and nature. 

Planes have been grounded, skies have become clearer and CO2 emissions have plunged. This is the silver-lining to all this sadness. Today we have an opportunity to decide how we move forward with our lives, what we choose to re-fill them with and how we continue to allow our planet to thrive. This isn’t a time to be complacent. 

This is a future which we want to continue with, this is the future we want to communicate.


Joss and the team x


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