The Purpose-Driven Businesses Demanding Planet Over Profit In Economic Recovery

  • 4 years ago

Business is gradually being ramped back up. While the Government considers how the country will recover from the effects of COVID-19, a group of purpose-driven businesses are calling for the health of our planet to be put at the heart of all recovery business decisions. 

With the world slowing, businesses have been given an opportunity to re-assess and re-think their future and the impact they’re having on the planet. It now seems like the perfect time to ensure that going forward, businesses are taking steps to help safeguard our planet. 

This group includes 60 purpose-driven businesses including The National Trust, Greenpeace, Surfers Against Sewage, Triodos Bank and our friends over at Good Energy, as well as charities and high-profile individuals, including Chris Packham.

In a letter addressed to the Government, the businesses state:

“It is now clearer than ever before that the health of humanity is inextricably bound to the health of our planet. Your government has the opportunity to show global leadership, forging a path out of this crisis by putting a resilient economy, healthy communities, and a thriving natural world at the heart of the relief and recovery effort.”

Following Boris Johnson’s exit roadmap to COVID-19 lockdown, these organisations are calling on the government to do more to prioritise a green UK economic recovery. How? They’re asking for polluting industries and those “without a proper climate plan” to be excluded from government help. 

These 60 business leaders have warned we must not let the UK exit plan accelerate the climate crisis, and are asking them to:

  • Invest in infrastructure, technology and skills to create jobs that help sustainability
  • Exclude companies in “polluting industries” that do not have a proper climate plan
  • Restore ecosystems on land and in our oceans by incentivising walking and cycling
  • Support sustainable food, farming and fishing
  • Swiftly pass environmental laws and bring in targets in law to restore ecosystems
  • Bring global leaders together to plan for a sustainable economic recovery

They want the Government to ensure that exit funds are allocated to those organisations who are committed to reducing their carbon emissions. 

Here at Enviral, we’re proud to work with amazing organisations like Good Energy, who are at the forefront in the fight for our planet.  Read the full letter and see the list of participating businesses here:

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