Will 2020 Be The The Year Of Climate Action?

  • 4 years ago
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As we jump headfirst into the next decade, it seems our planet needs our help more than ever. Australia is on fire, Zambia is wrestling with a devastating drought and the concept of climate refugees has already become a reality.

It’s evident that these cases of extreme weather are on the rise, yet despite the prevalence of these tragic events, tangible action to help combat the climate crisis is seriously lacking.

It’s not all bad though – throughout 2019 we saw some awesome movements within sustainability as people and companies from all over the world took action to tackle climate change head-on. From Extinction Rebellion’s mass protests and Greta’s global school strikes to more and more companies pledging to drastically cut their own carbon-footprints, last year we witnessed environmental momentum grow… But there’s still more to be done. 

So what’s in store for 2020. More of the same? We hope not. Even with all the hype around the climate crisis, last year was void of action. The time for talking is over. We all know we’re in the midst of a climate crisis, so this has to be the year we act. 

This November, Glasgow will host COP26, one of the most important international climate talks in years – the perfect time for the UK to lead the way in tackling this crisis. Last year we declared a ‘climate emergency’, but what does this really mean? It’s time to capitalise on the momentum and undertake serious change. We all know that cutting emissions will have an impact on our high-carbon lives, but this seems a small price to pay to save the planet. Right? As more and more individuals look to reduce their own carbon footprint, more pressure is being placed on businesses to consider their own (and rightly so!). 

Last year we signed up for Creatives for Climate, pledging to produce a client disclosure report at the end of 2019 which showcased our clients, and profits by sector. We know turning away clients is a luxury, but as a small start-up, we’ve taken the pledge to put people and the planet above profits. Our only question is why aren’t others doing the same?

Check out our client disclosure report here.


As pressure mounts throughout 2020 on big businesses, we hope they join us in the fight against the climate crisis. This is the single biggest threat to our planet, and it’s certainly something that purpose-driven companies can’t fight alone. 

On an individual level, the start of the decade marks the perfect time to consider ways you can reduce your own impact on the planet. From changing to a 100% renewable energy supplier (check out our friends at Good Energy!), changing to a low carbon diet or pledging to boycott fast fashion, you can take easy steps to help make a difference. 

We’ve got some exciting things planned for 2020 and we can’t wait to see what other businesses have in store when it comes to helping to fight the climate crisis head-on. 

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