Environmental Policy

Our environment is who we are. This is our policy on how we’re doing our bit to protect it.

Here you can see our environmental policy.

Enviral is a purpose-driven communications agency and consultancy that cares for people and the planet. Our mission is to effectively communicate purpose to the world. In short, we help organisations be better, and communicate their social and environmental stories through our consultancy, communications and strategy skills. 

Enviral wants to actively promote positive behaviour change, within the marketing industry, that leads to a cleaner, greener and fair future that we can all be proud of. The nuts and bolts of who we are though, is that we are human beings wanting to make a difference. We believe that our business practices should be conducted with kindness, ethical integrity, honesty and respect for the planet and the people affected by our activities. We believe that our activities should inspire positive social & behaviour changes for a better world and a better way of life. But, first and foremost promote and protect the planet that we live on. 

We believe businesses should think differently in everything they do, this means acting with sustainability at the heart of their business decisions and operations, which is why we are committed to a range of sustainable approaches to running our business, from being carbon negative in our operations to a policy on how we consume and dispose of things in the workplace. We recognise that we have a responsibility to conserve and protect the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy, practices and operations, looking to reduce our footprint across all of our activities and services. As part of our business mission, we will constantly continue the conversation of our planetary boundaries and encourage clients, stakeholders, and suppliers to do the same. 


Our current environmental aspects of the business are: 

  • Carbon negative approach to business: including carbon offset travel, office, climate responsible web design and server hosting and a public commitment to plant trees for every new project and newsletter sign up. 
  • Using 100% renewable electrical usage 
  • Waste & recycling management
  • Commitment to limit corporate travel
  • Procurement of eco-friendly and local products and materials 
  • Source recycled and low environmental impact products including office supplies, stationery and cleaning products 
  • High standard of recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard and glass whilst reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by our company 
  • A commitment to use our communications channels to educate and bring to light how others can limit their footprint on the planet


In particular, amongst continuing the above, we will endeavour to:

  • Work with employees, clients and suppliers to ensure we are at the forefront of environmental sustainability and encourage high environmental standards in everything we’re involved in 
  • Take environmental and ethical considerations into account when selecting clients and suppliers to work with 
  • Use our resources wisely and minimise the amount of energy and water usage we use as much as possible 
  • Support local business and shop for products that have been sourced locally to reduce our and a product’s carbon footprint 
  • Encourage the utilisation of our local travel policy by our employees, clients, and contractors. Reducing the need to travel, minimising pollution and favouring the use of bicycles, public transport and green vehicles
  • Where possible in our serviced office, set specific targets for the reduction of energy and water use, year on year by 2.5-5% based on current team size
  • Work with the serviced office manager to share our environmental ambitions and spread these with other businesses in the shared office group


To ensure the implementation of this policy within our company:

  • We will involve our staff from the offset, complete regular training sessions and promote a culture in which all Enviral employees share this commitment for improved performance
  • We will inform and educate our clients, suppliers and contractors of the requirement to comply with this policy 
  • We will review the policy and our practices at the highest level on an annual basis in order to improve our operational and environmental performance
  • We will learn from best practices examples of environmental management and educate our employees on a regular basis. Employees will be responsible in meeting the requirements of the company policy in all areas of their work


Joss Ford 

Founder, Enviral LTD.